Being a part of CityFam is more than coming to Renegades or Service Saturdays. It's more than a tshirt, a Facebook page, or a group of friends who will help you move (though we are famous for that). To be a part of CityFam you have to be open to the simple truth that you are welcome just as you are, right where you are. CityFam is for you. But there's a catch.

CityFam is for you, so that you can be for others.

Welcome to Looking Up, our blog that we hope will give you a unique connection to the group and the organization. You'll hear from our leadership, our members (maybe you!), and other great contributors. It's here that we'll share our thoughts and learnings, as well as our struggles. Looking Up will be a way for the experiences of others to offer you inspiration, dedication and motivation to keep on the path toward your life's purpose.

We have asked you for your time and your donations.
And now, we are asking for your attention.

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Have a great rest of the week and enjoy spring's preview!!  


Be Well & Be Good :)