Frequently Asked Questions About cityfam

1)      What the f$%k is cityfam?

a.       Glad you asked!  Well first it is cityFAM, as in family.  We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to meet and develop real relationships (like a family) and hang out doing fun social or service events, instead of meeting forced friends at a bar or club!

2)      Hmmm sounds interesting.  Is this a cult or a church?

a.      No, this is non-membership/non-dues based 501 3c organization that has no religious affiliation.  We have members from all backgrounds!

3)      How do I join then?

a.       Great question!  You can get more information by signing up online at, or LIKE us on Facebook “cityfam” (Twitter & Instagram too) or come to anyone of our social or service events!  Just make sure if there is a ticket sale involved, that you purchase it before they sell out!

4)      Do I have to go to a set amount of social or service events?

a.       Nope.  We hope you come back, but no pressure.  Come to social, service, or BOTH kinds of events….bring your friends.  If not, we understand!

5)      What is up with these t-shirts?  Do you have any sweatshirts?

a.       We sure do.  Check out our merch here:

6)      You guys are kinda rad…how can I get more involved?

a.       Aw shucks, we dig you too!  Well if you want to get involved, apply to be a SQUAD member.  Squad members are chosen each season to help lead cityfam events, build closer bonds, and learn leadership skills.  More info on SQUAD is here:

7)      Dang you have some hotties in cityfam can I get their digits?

a.       Well that is very sweet of you, but our goal is to build friendships and family, we are not Tinder or Plenty of Fish! We are actually looking to develop meaningful relationships, but if a love connection develops we will be the first to celebrate with you! At the end of the day, follow the code & be respectful as you would to your mom/sister or dad/brother!

8)      Is this group involved with recovery or would you guys care if I grab a beer?

a.       No not at all.  We do have many members who are in recovery or abstinent from drugs and alcohol, but our policy is no regrets.  We have our monthly RENEGADES at various bars, and some events might also serve alcohol, so if that is a problem for folks, please avoid, otherwise, please drink responsibly.  NO regrets means= do your thing, we won’t judge, but don’t be a dumbass.

9)      Speaking of, what is a RENEGADE?

a.       Great question!  Renegade is our first Friday VIP party that only members who sign up online ( get the location and specials the week of the event.  Wristbands will be available for only $5 to purchase exclusive drink and food specials ONLY available to cityfam members, and proceeds of each party go to our monthly service event or other volunteer organization we choose to sponsor.   You can bring friends, but don’t forget to sign up and tell them about us too!

10)   Okay, last question- what other kind of social or service events other than RENEGADE have you been to?  What can I expect?

a.       Social events are held usually once a month and have included:  haunted house trips, ski trip, Maryland Renaissance Festival, bowling, comedy show, drive-in movie theater, DC boat cruise, and Hippodrome theater shows.

b.      Service events are also held about every other month and have included: Moveable Feast, Helping Up Mission,  BARCS animal shelter clean-up, Unity in the Community (Hug a Cop day), and cleaning up Bread and Cheese Creek.

11)  Okay, I am SOLD when is your next event?

a.       YAY!  Check us out on,, or social media (@thecityfam) to get our schedule of events.  If you opt in for Renegades, you should get our weekly newsletter too with updated information!