Be a part of a grassroots effort that only requires you to have  fun and Hug a Cop (Yes, you read that right…HUG. A. COP.). The Unity In The Community Project, is designed to bring together Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) officers and cadets along with citizens for a day of hugs, fun, food and music. So here’s the deal, for every hug between the BCPD and a community member, our generous sponsor, Freedom Fighters Bail Bonds, will donate donate $1 for every second the hug is held (up to $5). All funds go directly to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore and Signal 13 Foundation ( which provides financial assistance to Baltimore Police Department Personnel in trying times.

The event happens Saturday, October 22nd from 12-3p at Carroll Park (Picnic Area, 2100 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21230). So bring your friends and family, the more the merrier! Let’s show the men and women that selflessly risk their lives every day that we care. Because a hug is a universal symbol of friendship, an expression of affection and a reassuring gesture there was no better way to help build relationships and show that we are all friends, all in it together and are one community. The Unity in the Community Project’s goal is to create and encourage a positive energy in the community. 


Come and experience friendship as we stand together as one strong, caring united community. 


If you'd like to volunteer at this event, Sign up here: