Sales and Marketing (Memberships and Sponsorships)

We are looking for two charismatic, confident, positive individuals to join our team and help promote CityFam.

Responsibilities for the individual in charge of memberships include: recruiting and retaining members, selling memberships, attending to membership database (ensuring all information is provided and up to date), and other responsibilities as are deemed fit.

Responsibilities for the individual in charge of sponsorships include: reaching out to businesses to acquire new sponsorships, ensuring all sponsorship agreements are carried out (that necessary recognition is given and all benefits are administered), communicating with sponsors, networking, retaining sponsorships, and other responsibilities as are deemed fit.

For either position we need someone who knows the value of the CityFam community and the importance of membership. We need someone who is friendly, personable, and believes in the cause. The individuals will work 10-15 hours a week and will earn commission from sales.


Grant Writer

We are looking for a talented writer who is detail oriented, conscientious, and precise to join our team and helping to raise funds. Applicants should have experience in grant writing or know how to write in a manner optimized for the process of grant review.

Responsibilities include: searching for and identifying appropriate grants to apply for, composing and writing grant applications, and submitting applications.

The individual will work on as needed basis.


Ambassador Lead

We are looking for a friendly, welcoming, empathetic person to join our team and help to connect people with the CityFam community.

Responsibilities include: connecting with new people at events, following up with these people, building relationships, connecting them with existing members, encouraging them to join the fam, and guiding new people to membership.

This individual will work 2-3 events per month and attend follow-up debriefings. About 5-10 hours a week.


Marketing Coordinator

We are looking for an in-tune, engaged, responsible person to join our team and help to promote CityFam.
Responsibilities include: managing social media presence, maintaining a content calendar of upcoming posts, designing and producing marketing collateral, copywriting for marketing materials, website editing, event photography/videography, coordinating efforts of marketing team and other responsibilities as are deemed fit.
This individual will work 10-15 hours a week.

To apply, please email: with the position title in the subject line.  In a few short sentences, please tell us:  1.  The position you’re applying for and why you’re a good fit.  2.  Why you want to get more involved with CityFam, 3.  One thing you’d improve/change in this role, and 4.  Anything else we should know.  Please attach a current resume and contact info for 3 personal/professional references.