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Applications Now Being Accepted


Join The Squad

Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications For The Fall 2017 Semester Are Now Being Accepted

CityFam is in the process of changing the WORLD, one CITY at a time! Read on to see how you can BE A PART OF MAKING THAT HAPPEN!


Want to become the best version of yourself and give back to members of the community? Then SQUAD is your next step! SQUAD is cityfam’s signature program that allows you to become a confident and strong leader within cityfam while exposing you to our DNA (how we do what we do) and our vision.

The SQUAD is an essential part of cityfam’s structure and success for the future. SQUAD Members are some of our most passionate members who want to do more than just attend events.  Potential recruits go through an interview process and once selected, will participate in various exercises that allow them to understand the core values of cityfam along with our mission and vision. In addition, SQUAD Members will develop healthy, intentional relationships while understanding how cityfam operates as they work as part of the organization with leadership behind the scenes.

After completing the four month process, SQUAD Members will be given a leadership position within the organization that aligns with their passions, so that cityfam will continue to grow and expand, changing the WORLD one CITY at a time!

SQUAD Members are those individuals that have gotten so much from cityfam they want to extend that to others by giving back and making everyone feel welcome. We require all SQUAD Candidates to have attended a minimum of 2 events prior to interviewing, so that you have seen cityfam in action.  If you are passionate about what cityfam is doing then you need to apply today! Let’s change the world!

Interested? Apply today!

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