Socialize. Connect. Serve. 



Socialize. Connect. Serve. 

Complaint: “There's nothing to do on the weekends besides go out and drink at the bar!”

Solution: CityFam!


We are a group of friends, REAL friends (not just ones who buy each other shots on Friday nights) with a bond formed on something solid.  We not only have an amazing time together going out, taking trips etc. but we also SUPPORT each other.  We want to see each other GROW and SUCCEED.  We aren’t just here for ourselves, we are here for each other. And then from there we take our strength, trust and loyalty to the streets to make this world a better place. So…. What are you waiting for?? Click here to Join the Fam!

What We Do.



With a community in the hundreds and growing everyday, CityFam takes on bars, concerts, sporting events, festivals, and pretty much wherever else a good time to be had is. We've found that by bringing dozens of like-minded people together to go to these places, it's a lot more fun. Join the Fam to find out about our events.


CityFam is in the process of changing the world one city at a time starting with Baltimore. We plan to take over other East Coast cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York soon. Want to be part of helping make that happen? Contact us and let us know. 

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Do Good

We understand the importance of giving back to our community and making a positive contribution. It's not all fun and games you know? We donate a portion of all of our events to a worthwhile cause. We also facilitate volunteer opportunities and empower our members to give their time. Sign up to Serve find out about upcoming projects.