It never gets old when I get the reaction of disbelief when I tell people I've been on relief trips or volunteer at service events because looking at me- I'm a very loud, foul language talker, inappropriate humor and tattooed girl.  I don't look like your average humanitarian worker (whatever that is supposed to look like) or the person who spends her weekends working at Moveable Fest.

Neither did the 26 who just returned from Honduras.  And if you hear everyone's sorry on how they got involved with mission work or cityfam, I would put money on many of them had a wild past-maybe even a wild present.  

Somehow the message in the world gets lost when we believe volunteering, service, non-alcohol related events are considered nerdy, "uncool", or something for students, older folks or inmates only do. Or looking at someone with tattoos must mean that they have a wild lifestyle and whatever other judgments you may have. 

Rob K. and I recently had a phone call with an old friend of mine who now lives in Miami and wants to potentially grow cityfam into South Florida.  He took some time to review our website, social media pages and when we talked to him, he made a comment about how South Beach has a new "wellness" movement, and how cityfam would fit as a "wellness" type of organization.  

Boom!  Rob and I had a new revelation and one we didn't even realize- being physically, mentally, emotionally well- likened to what we promote in cityfam, is no different than all of the other trends like cross fit, yoga or going vegetarian. Aka cityfam is a wellness movement.

What I realized is, being "bad"- boozing, sleeping around, late nights- it isn't sexy anymore.  It gets old.  I recently met a cool guy and we started talking but as soon as he started to brag about his nights ending with blackouts and binges, I was immediately turned off.  Sorry bro, I have a date to cuddle my dog.

You know what's cool? Giving a f&k about others more than yourself.  Being yourself.  Making peace from whatever story you may have and moving on and doing better by it.  We have so many people in cityfam who were former adult entertainers, drug dealers, drug users, homeless, divorced,  and they are loved.  They moved on from what doesn't serve their souls or bodies anymore.  

I don't think that the current "wellness" trend will just be a trend. I think it will become a lifestyle that you can be healthy, have fun, and be "cool".  

You can have tattoos, a social life, a great job and still volunteer or go on relief trips or whatever your little heart desires. 

I love how diverse our members are- I freaking love the difference in ages, colors, religions, marital statuses, parents, and personalities, but in the end we all want the same thing, more community, real friendships and the ability to give back.  How sexy is that?

So if you're reading this and feel like you wouldn't fit in,  I challenge you to come to any event we host. We have a very fun outing at the rooftop bar, Lost Society in D.C.  Dress to impress and mingle and eat/ drink with us in D.C.!  It's really sexy too!  Or bring your buds to help build a playground Saturday in a poor neighborhood.  Whether you just want to paint, or help us carry supplies, your impact and the good you feel will last much long than a night going out and getting s**t faced! 

I can't tell you how much more impressed I am when someone tells me about their impact on the community, the world or their families, then it is to crush a beer bong.  Don't get me wrong in my hey day, it was the thing but now its just old. To look and feel your best and meet people that will change your life and give back all while you can be yourself and do something that scares the crap out of you as long as it isn't "bad".  

Want a prolific conclusion to my banter? You can now go out, do good things, and not have to hide it from your friends out of fear they might call you lame or a tool for it.  You are allowed to be a good person and still have your "edge."   The world needs more badasses who give a s**t. 

****This is only my opinion and I am no authority on what is cool as I still have Star Wars sheets on my bed.****

Your former "bad girl" and current Marketing Director,

Cara D.

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