Remember back in the 90's the cool tee shirts everyone wore with "No Fear"- like why did that ever go out of style? In the era of Von Dutch and Stussy and FUBU, I feel like that was probably the most inspirational logo of the I would very much like to bring back!

I am not talking about apparel, I am talking about a life mantra for this decade- NO FEAR.

In my own life, and my friends lives, I see that theme a lot- the ONLY thing that can get in the way of pursuing your dreams is fear.

Whether fear being as simple as an excuse- "Oh I don't want to pursue another job because I know I don't have the money to afford being jobless for a while or have a pay cut."  Or whether it is a legitimate scare- "I am afraid to date because I don't want my heart broken...again."  Fear is this invisible creature that lurks in our minds and makes us sometimes paralyzed, immobile, anxious...stuck.

Well I want to tell you- if you dare to dream or believe I think it can happen.  And here is why:  I am going to list for the world to see- my FEARS and my goals to overcome.  I want you all to hold me accountable, and I will be honest and track my progress. 

1) I fear...ridiculous, all-consuming love...and dating! I totally fear committing, wasting my time and energy, and I am terrified to try again after some crappy tries over the years. And honestly, leaving what feels comfy to me- which has been ME, all of me!    

2) I fear the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  No joke, I am terrified of driving over it, and if someone can't drive me over this summer, I am tempted to drive the extra hour around Delaware to avoid the terrifying cable bridge.  Why? I believe I am not in control, not safe- higher the more unstable I am and to fall 481401 feet in the bay for the fishes to eat me, is like my worst nightmare.  I need to seriously use logic on this one and drive over.  Eff it- who wants an extra HOUR to the beach?

3) I fear rejection.  I fear speaking up in meetings at work, I fear doing a bad job and getting fired, and I fear being myself will deter great opportunities from happening.  I want to be bold and strong, but sometimes I lose my voice in my career life.

4) I fear that if I leave my corporate world in full, I will go broke and therefore, live a life of misery.  I am often tempted or dream of a life traveling- one where I would take a blog and simply write about what life and culture is like in different places but I have been blessed in a lucrative position, so why be a total hippie nomad?

So while I tackle these goals- what are some things you fear?  Saying NO to someone?  Quitting your job?  Going to a social event by yourself?  REALLY losing weight?

Just remember, the opposite of fear is HOPE.  Where there is fear, there is always hope- and if I can overcome anything, so can you.

cityfam requires some ballsy members! Seriously- many of you have thoroughly impressed me from being solo at our events, or trying something you have never done before, or telling people who you are and what you do and not knowing if that would be judged or accepted.  I see so many future leaders when people go through SQUAD- it amazes me how community brings that out in people- leadership and passion!

So not only do I challenge you to make a list of some of your fears and a plan to conquer them, but also to look around and see who impresses you. Want to meet some? Come to an event, and I promise I can introduce you to a few individuals that are truly impressive. 

Don't know what the eff SQUAD is?  Check out which has way more information, pics, and upcoming date for May 24th for interviews. 

Don't be afraid if you see me to ask how I am doing. Please hold me accountable! I am excited to talk to each and everyone of my supporters and friends and FAM!

Hustle, Muscle, and soon to be Fearless Warrior,

Your Marketing Director,
Cara D.