Happy New Year familia!

I am sure like me, many of you are excited to have a clean slate and start this new year with amazing pledges, promises, and RESOLUTIONS to be blablablabla….<record scratch>  Do you believe that garb?

45% of people make resolutions every year.  And you know how many of the 45% achieve their resolutions? 8%! 24% succeed then fail their new year’s resolutions.

Why is that?  Well please do not quote me, or use me in any sort of research paper as this is an opinion piece, but my guess is, people start off the new year declaring that something is WRONG with them, that needs “resolving”.  The top most common resolutions are: to lose weight, to quit smoking, to stop blowing money, or resolve some sort of relationship problem…

Now I am all for self-improvement, but this is where I wonder: why do people think they are wrongfully flawed? Why is being overweight, a smoker, or someone who doesn’t have a savings account “broken”, “wrong”, and in NEED of a resolution?  Are we less loved if we aren’t the perfect size, have the money for a vacation, or smoke cigarettes? So here is what I propose, why don’t we promise, pledge or resolve our ability to love ourselves better?  To be more forgiving when we err, or screw up.  To forgive not only ourselves, but our friends, family, and others who also fail. To say, we are still valuable even if we are not perfect!

I recently gave up a vice, and I had people come to me out of judgment rather than concern, or others telling me I was “wrong” or “broken” for my choices.   Guess what, instead of “resolving my drinking”, I am choosing to resolve my being… to forgive myself when I make mistakes, to love myself even when I am not “perfect”, to be HEALTHY mentally and physically,  and to forgive those around me who may judge or wrong me for whatever choices I make.  I am not “broken”, I am just perfectly imperfect and a human being like anyone else.  I may wear my wrongs on my sleeve, but I also choose this year, 2017, to wear my rights.

I don’t want to fix, judge, or tell others how to “be” better because who am I to set that goal? I will say, I want to better myself, in order to better others, better this city, and hopefully better the world in the form I am in- imperfect.  In other words, I want to dwell on the “positive” rather than attack the negative.  Start statements with action words – “I will be healthy today”.   “I will help others today.”  Rather than break myself down- “I need to lose weight because I am fat.” 

To all the people who want to lose weight, quit smoking, save money- I applaud you.  I encourage you to be healthy, to be humble, and to persevere when things are difficult…I have also tried, succeeded, and have failed all three of those things as well….but I am not less of a person for it, and neither are you. Stay true to yourself and you will never fail if you don’t stop trying.  

Welcome to 2017 in all shapes, sizes, and imperfections.  We here at cityfam don’t judge you, and love you for who you are, and aim to better each of your as we have fun, make a difference, and start to take over the country in the new movement of #millennials. 

To 20-17 and nothing but good times in between,

Your perfectly flawed Marketing Director,  Cara D.

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