Well whether you voted for Him or Her, we are having a very interesting week with a new President and the nation either cheering or protesting on the pick.   Like many families, even our own CityFam felt the divide...so I ask the question, does one's political view affect our friendship or relationship with our family? I often read this week on my Facebook newsfeed, "Delete me if you voted for Trump! You are a racist and bigot!" or I read, "Haha you poor losers, suck it up! Get a life!" or we also have the, "Well Hey, #FeeltheBern- I never liked either candidate, don't blame me!"  I have friends in recovery who are looking to drink, friends who are therapists who post Suicide Hotline numbers, or others researching other countries to move to, or posting their tears.....all I wanna say is, "Can't we all just get along?"

I totally get the feeling of not having your candidate win.  (Frankly as the #FeeltheJohnson supporter, I never get to pick the winner.)  I totally get that you really hate the Don, but does it really matter?  Is social media in this case used as a platform for reform, change, venting, or picking apart the beautiful American right for free speech, votes, or opinion?  Or are we judging our friends and family?  I really hope not.  In these times, we are left feeling helpless and want to blame or be angry at the ones we love who don't always think like we do. 

So I am going to take this opportunity and welcome you to my blog for CityFam.  And share or remind others that no matter what people believe or who they voted for, it does NOT make them their identity or someone to blame.  Regardless of your political views, race, color, religion, we are a group that believes in Family- which I define as the "bond of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE between people that lasts a lifetime."  No, that is not pulled from a dictionary, that is my view on family.  We believe in HUMANS and all of their potential.  We do not care about backgrounds or opinions, or their mistakes...if you have a good heart, and have a pulse, you matter.  Black, white, gay, Muslim, disabled, lover of country music or rap (gross haha)- I love you and you matter to me, and to the core of CityFam.

I get if you are still mad even after reading this- cool, come join me and stir up some shit at BeMore Bootcamp (shameless plug) and move on.  Use your weapons- (your mouth, your social media) and go fight for what you DO believe in and where you stand.  If you can't make a difference again for the leader of this country, then I bet you can make a difference today and the next one.

So I suggest having some comedy therapy, and join me Saturday for the Baltimore Comedy Factory...I will hug you no matter who you supported and love you for exactly who you are.  And let's be honest, being boastful or angry gives you wrinkles.

Peace, Love, And CityFamily 4Ever

Your hippie love child and CityFam's newest Marketing Director,

Cara D.