The silence.  It’s deafening.  You wonder, how did I get here?  15 years ago, you had a PLAN.  You even had a backup plan for your backup plan.  You’re not supposed to be in your thirties, alone, and completely bored with life!  It makes no sense.  What did you do wrong? So, you started to overanalyze all the decisions you made in the past. You decide to wait for the AHA! moment.  But it never comes.  You just don’t get it.  There must be a reason that at 35, you’re still unmarried, no kids, a career-changer in grad school, and possibly a hot mess.  Then a friend steps in and you realize you are not alone…

Hey, my name is Amy, and I’m a new member.  A couple years ago an old friend swore I should join Cityfam, but I was very resistant.  I mean, if anyone could survive life without community, it was me. Two failed engagements and a career layoff were the headline of my life resume, and yet, I was still standing strong (So I thought).  I had this, and I can do it all on my own.  

Flashforward to 2017, and again, I was out to prove the world wrong; they didn’t know what I was made of! I was teaching abroad for a semester in a third-world country and traveling Europe in my free time.  I was going solo and “finding myself.”  I was making strides.  But then it happened…my return flight home.

Home is a familiar and fantastic place. I have family that truly love and adore me, and I scored a job in the school system during a layover in Istanbul, before I even made my connection to DC.  But the deep sadness in my heart remained, and it was beating so fast and furiously.  Deep down I was a miserable mess, and I just wanted to connect with someone. Anyone.  

I saw a post about CityFam again around mid-January, and I decided I would give it a try.  I didn’t have anything to lose.  My two old friends said they would meet me at Dave and Busters; they introduced me to people, and I instantly felt genuine care and love immediately.  The members of CityFam were amazing and kind.  I was expecting people to be standoffish, but they were the real deal. It was a no-judgment zone.  They asked about me, told me about themselves, were not awkward, and just plain darn friendly. I went home that evening knowing I really could connect with these new friends, and their happiness and support encouraged me to start living my best life.  I immediately knew that this group of people would have my back, no matter what.  They were the definition of support, community, love, kindness, and acceptance. 


I’ve only been a member a few months, but I’ve already attended four events, went to a game night instead of out to the bars for St. Patrick’s Day, joined the CityFam social media team, joined the O’s Volunteer Group, and have met so many new friends.  I have finally started to love myself again. I am forgiving myself for my past mistakes. Every day I’m waking up with a purpose, and that is to be the best version of me possible.   I’m not perfect, and bad days will come. However, I know that I can reach out to my CityFam community at any time, and they will support me and help guide me through anything.  I am forever blessed to have them in my life. 

XOXO, Ames